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Thirsk & Yorkshire Photo Gallery

Cynthia Wigmore is the only remaining Horner in Thirsk.  This will end a 500 year-old tradition of the Horner family living in Thirsk.  Yvonne is her younger sister, John and Bel, her parents.  Her son, John, lives in Leeds.


John Horner & Bel Witteron, engagement, 1915

Bel Whitteron-Horner, Thirsk Red Cross 1918

Harry & Bel Horner with infant Cynthia c1920

John, Bel, Yvonne, Cynthia Horner, Thirsk 1923

John, Bel, Yvonne, Cynthia Horner, Thirsk c1963

John Henry Horner c.1930 playing the Sowerby Church organ

John Henry Horner, Thirsk c1970

John Henry Horner at his home in Sowerby

Cynthia Wigmore Horner, 2003, in her home in Thirsk, UK

William Horner's Butchers during coronation, Thirsk 1932

St. Mary's Church, Thirsk

Thirsk Book Cover

Horner Dining Rooms in Thirsk, UK

Thirsk newspaper clip 2002. Reference to the Horner family.

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